What is a smart tracking system?

Have you ever seen James Bond’s movies? Wondered how Ironman tracks his enemies? Have you seen those detective movies, where the FBI or probably the CBI inserts a small chip inside a card, or a pen, and delivers it to the enemy, to track them wherever they are in this world? If you have seen any of the allow mentioned things, you would know about smart tracking system.

Tracking systems, are not a modern concept, as we used to have ninjas and specialized people that used to track objects as well as people. However, in this modern world, we do not need such ninjas, as we have the technology to help us in tracking. There are so many different smart tracking systems available in the market, that you can buy it for yourself, and you can stick it to any object that you want to track.

What are the different types of smart tracking systems?


Smart tracking systems are usually interconnected to various devices with the help of three different technologies. Artificial intelligence is the first technology that can track various objects for you, and it would automatically track various objects and people, by the sound of your voice. Then there is IoT or the internet of things, which is used by people to interconnect their objects, products, and even people to technology and smart gadgets. Like you could attach a small GPS tracker on your keys, and locate the same with your phone. You would never lose your keys as long as the GPS tracker has battery juice. The third technology is robotics, and it also has various applications in the smart tracking system.

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